05 gto diff fluid

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Pontiac GTO with Independent Rear Suspension with GM 7. 75 Differential 2005, Rear Gear Redline Series Gear Oil by Yukon Gear& Axle. Yukon oil installation kits help you finish the job with high quality oilOct 13, 2013 For easier ways to follow me daytoday follow me on my blog: Facebook: Instagram: 05 gto diff fluid

Apr 19, 2009  05' CGM GTO. Joined May 22, 2006 I got almost 40, 000 im thinking about changing the diff fluid soon. . it looks easy enough i was just wondering if i should expect to see an improvement i will actualy feel. It was hard to tell the differance RP made in my

Drain the oil from the lowest plug in the differential and remove the half shafts (8 mm allen) How to R& R a 2006 GTO rear differential. July 4th, 2012, 11: 06 AM. Originally posted by CDMBill View Post. This page was generated at 07: 05 AM. How to change the differential fluid on your Pontiac GTO. How to change the differential fluid on your Pontiac GTO. Mark Quitter Racing That noise means its definitely time to change your differential fluid. The Pontiac GTO comes from the factory with a 3. 46 gear ratio limited slip differential. Limited slip 05 gto diff fluid Feb 01, 2006 While your IRSclad GTO might withstand an outing in the outback, it may not survive plans for forced induction, increased displacement, or sticky tires. Besides reduced flex, the diff

Oct 26, 2015 I am going to be changing out my rear diff fluid here in a couple of days and wanted to see what type of rear diff fluid you guys are using? I was looking at using the Royal Purple 75W90 with friction additive. 06 A4. 05 gto diff fluid Jan 30, 2016 How to change the rear differential oil on a Pontiac GTO. 2005 GTO REAR DIFFERENTIAL OIL CHANGE, BY 9YEAROLD MICHAEL MUCHA 05. Language: English Location: Universal Gear and Differential Synthetic Oil by HKS. Volume: 1. 05 Quart. With this premium quality engine oil from HKS, you can be sure that all components of your engine are properly lubricated for smooth and reliable operation. It The GForce Engineering fullyfabricated 9 IRS for the 0406 Pontiac GTO is a complete boltin independent rear suspension that replaces your driveline from the transmission back. Includes a fabricated 9 housing that bolts to the stock differential mounting points. Nov 26, 2012 Rear end oil for a 2004 GTO? Holy Jeebus my head is spinning. The GTO forums are crazy about the gear oil in those pigs. When I had my 06 i was having LS issues, it would lock and unlock at really weird times. was the fact the differential leaked. As for paying too much for fluids, that 16 sounds about right. But I drive a camry now

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