What does lbdas mean in texting

2020-01-25 14:11

Looking for the definition of LB? Find out what is the full meaning of LB on Abbreviations. com! 'pound' is one option get in to view more @ The Web's largest and most authoritative acronyms and26 rows Meaning; LB: Light Blue: LB: Long Beach (various locations) LB: Larry Brown (basketball coach) what does lbdas mean in texting

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When used in a text message or online, the acronym LBS usually means laughing but serious. When written in lowercase letters, the acronym lbs is most commonly the abbreviation for pounds. LBS also stands for local bike shop, low blood sugar, learning behavior specialist and locationbased service. Lbdas in text talk. What does bb stands for in a text massage because first i said hey boo then he said hey bb what do bb stands for? Nicole stands on a scale and reads her weight. does the reading change if she stands on one foot instead of both? defend you answer? what does lbdas mean in texting LB in texting could mean: Displaying 17 of 7 result(s).

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