Notto se 15000k hid

2020-01-18 13:53

Give your vehicle the brightest of bright lights with a (HID) Xenon Light System Conversion Kit. Say goodbye to dim and boring lights that struggle to show you the way. Notto's stateofthe art HID technology gives you a degree of illumination that makes halogen lights positively pale in comparisonFeb 19, 2010 Notto SE 15K Low and High Beam. 15 minutes How To Wrap Wheel Faces Like A Pro Using Gloss Riviera Blue To Match The Car Duration: 17: 03. CK Wraps 1, 998, 703 views notto se 15000k hid

NOTTO Headlights installed on 2011 Dodge Ram 1500 Crew Cab. Price: 499. Install Time: 0hrs (HID 6000k low beams) installed on 2007 Toyota Camry this is the kit from carid. com by the brand NOTTO SE they are 5000k temperature hooking up the wires took some figuring out but everything is plug and play I did not hook up the antiflicker

Nov 11, 2011 So I thought about ordering a set of NOTTO SE Complete HID Conversion Kit but I'm not sure which kit I should go with since they have 4 different sets with different brightness. They range from 3000K, 5000K, K, and K. Now I want to get the brightest but I don't want to go so bright where i damage my headlight which mine are stock. Mar 31, 2010 Hey guys, I got my new HID's off Car ID's website, I got the H13 Notto SE's in K Color, I installed them, they look great but no high beam or low beam, not sure which is shining, stays the same even with flicking back and forth. notto se 15000k hid So last night I installed a notto se hid k hid conversion kit came out sweet a little time consuming but i got it done. . I took the car for a drive to see how i liked it. Everything seemed fine, but today I went to take a second look and my right high beam didnt light up when i unlocked the car with the fob nor did the parking lightblinker

Dec 24, 2009 Notto SE K HID's on 2010 Hyundai Genesis Coupe. Bulb sizes are: Low Beam H11B, High Beam H1. Took roughly 30 mins to install. notto se 15000k hid I have come across a NOTTO SE HID KIT @ carid. com. I did a search and only found one result that had anything to do with a notto kit, and i found it quite useless. Has anybody used this kit or read any reviews on it, as i cant seem to find much about it anywhere, exept for the fact that it does not come with a cover.

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