Best bermuda triangle prism deck

2020-01-20 17:04

May 03, 2018 Hope you all enjoy the video! Also dont forget I have a Vanguard Facebook group which you are all welcome to join! Link is down below. https: www. facebook. cSep 17, 2016  Presenting PRISMImage, Vert, PRISMPromise, Labrador and all Prism Main Units in just one Deck, this deck use Break Ride, Limit Break and Ultimate Break Skill, this deck is focused on returning units to hand and also superior call units from hand, this deck also use Soulblast skill to increment power and even Break Ride between the battle. best bermuda triangle prism deck

Apr 22, 2018 Nano's BEST Legends Summons Since DBS Broly! My Prism Bermuda Triangle Cardfight Vanguard Deck Profile for May 2018 Duration: 12: 14 Vanguard TH Bermuda Triangle Prism VS Dark Irregulars

Aug 17, 2017 But the hottest new thing out of Bermuda month is Bermuda's first Trial Deck, introducing the new Bermuda archetype: Chouchou(pronounced Shushu, just as a side note. It's French). It's French). The new archetype involves sending your own rearguards to the bottom of the deck to gain benefits. best bermuda triangle prism deck

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