Who plays bane henchmen

2020-01-19 10:34

Jul 23, 2012 I am looking for the actor's name. He doesn't seem to be on any lists of cast, which is really odd since he has a lot of screen time. He is the brownhaired, slightly stubbly facial haired, guy who delivers the three hooded men and the doctor to the CIA agents in the opening scene of the movie. Later, he is seen at Banes side throughout the film.Jan 13, 2019 Bane's henchmen will be appearing later, in a dedicated Bane overview, and Damian has already been discussed, so they will not be in this article, nor will Goliath. Lady Shiva set League Agents 13 These 3 were the ones I was asked the most about in terms of being left out of my last post. who plays bane henchmen

Bane beats Batman savagely in an alley and believes him dead, but finds out that Catwoman has escaped, freed the rest of the hostages, and tied up Bane's henchmen, giving Batman a chance to flee. Enraged, Bane storms Arkham Asylum where Alfred is forcing PsychoPirate to undo the fear he inflicted upon Gotham Girl.

Nov 11, 2013 This Batman Arkham Origins video covers the Online Multiplayer, playing as a Bane Thug! No matter how many times I tried to play online as Batman or Robin, PS3 kept kicking me off, or ending my who plays bane henchmen

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