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2020-01-23 10:12

Petzal Logic: Field& Stream Writer Gets His Hate On For SHOT Show Its because of my long love for the publication that I was saddened to read David E. Petzal going full retard in aSecond question. Does anyone own or have any experience with ER Shaw rifles? I have been contemplating purchasing one. What kind of trigger do they have, what type of action, etc. Are they any more accurate than say an out of the box Model 70? dave petzal er shaw

OUR HISTORY IS UNIQUE. OVER 100 YEARS AND COUNTING. With a history of over 100 years in the gun barrel manufacturing trade, you will find Shaw gun barrels all over the world, utilized by some of the biggest firearms manufacturers, as well as individuals who want only the best.

Nov 13, 2012  Has anyone had a E. R. Shaw Mk. VII Custom Bolt Action Rifle made for themselves? I visited their shop last week and am considering having them make a rifle for me. The Mark VII was recognized as the best new rifle in 2009 and their guns are known for their accuracy as is Savage which seems to be tied to Shaw somehow. I didn't spend much time there when I stopped by, I just got By David E. Petzal posted May 24th, 2019. He was a Texan, and a child of the Great Depression. Born in 1925, he was one of seven children. His father deserted his family when he was a boy, and his dave petzal er shaw Shaw Precision Guns Unveils New Mark X Rifle. Bridgeville, PA: From Shaw Precision Guns, a division of E. R. Shaw, Americas largest independent manufacturer of gun barrels, comes the new Mark X, an evolutionary upgrade of the Mark VII bolt action rifle that sets new standards in custom rifle affordability. Gunsavvy consumers can order

Jan 11, 2012 Thoughts on Er Shaw rifles? Discussion in 'General Rifle time was so long, I got parts i wanted from some where else. . But that is not meant to say anything negative about E. R. Shaw. It took me five months to get a barrel elsewhere. . My opinion is E. R. Shaw is as good as any body. They all are very long delivery time. David E. Petzal dave petzal er shaw Jan 20, 2009 Field& Stream Rifles Editor David E. Petzal has been to countless SHOT Shows, and each time he returns, we post his picks for the best new rifles of 2009. E. R. Shaw has been making barrels Aug 25, 2017 A Custom Bolt Gun for a Factory Rifle Price. E. R. Shaw of Pennsylvania has been making gun barrels for decades and their complete rifles are precision built and affordable. SHAW PRECISION GUNS RETAIL STORE is a full line gun shop featuring rifles, shotguns, and handguns from all major manufacturers. The store also features reloading equipment and supplies, ammunition, optics, plus the SHAW Mk VII Custom Rifle. Feb 17, 2010 I understand if you're discussing cartridges not chambered by Savage, but that didn't seem to be exclusively so! And I still fail to comprehend the rationale of switching barrels in a common cartridge unless it's for the prestige of the E. R. Shaw name. The action on my Savage is as slick as any bolt action I've owned, and a lot slicker than most.

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