Hive argument list too long

2020-01-21 17:39

I execute a huge query on a table with a lot of 2level partitions. There is a perl reducer in my query. Maps worked ok, but every reducer fails with the following exception:I have a folder with more than a million files that needs sorting, but I can't really do anything because mv outputs this message all the time bash: binmv: Argument list too long I'm using this hive argument list too long

start the python process and the error message is argument list too long . The detailed error stack is given below. The python script takes only 1 static argument hbase .

Option files can be specified anywhere in the command line as long as the options within them follow the otherwise prescribed rules of options ordering. Although the Hadoop generic arguments must preceed any createhivetable arguments, the createhivetable arguments can be entered in any order with respect to one another. list tables Oct 27, 2016  6. java. io. IOException: error7, Argument list too long hive argument list too long Your error message argument list too long comes from the of ls. txt. This limits is a safety for both binary programs and your Kernel. You'll see on this page more information about it, and how it's used and computed. There is no such limit on pipe size.

LinuxConfig is looking for a technical writer(s) geared towards GNULinux and FLOSS technologies. Your articles will feature various GNULinux configuration tutorials and FLOSS technologies used in combination with GNULinux operating system. hive argument list too long hiveuser mailing list archives: March 2011 Site index List index. Message list argument list too long Tue, 01 Mar, 16: 22: Ajo Fod Re: cannot start the transform script. reason: argument list too long Tue, 01 Mar, 21: 23: Irfan Mohammed There is a maximum limit to how long an argument list can be for system commands this limit is distrospecific based on the value of MAXARGPAGES when the kernel is compiled, and cannot be changed without recompiling the kernel. hive related issues& queries in maximum dynamic partitions in Hive limit hive Updated October 18, 2019 21: 26 PM. 0 Argument list too long linux shell hive arguments beeline Updated September 30, 2019 18: 26 PM. 1 answers 11 json list hive Sep 04, 2012 For the moment though, you can try this workaround of increasing the stack size to raise the ARGMAX: getconf ARGMAX# Current value ulimit s getconf ARGMAX# New value should be seen now hive# Rerun query.

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