Swelling one leg only

2020-01-26 18:28

Jan 11, 2018 Leg swelling related to inflammation. Leg swelling can also be caused by inflammation in leg tissues. Inflammation may be a normal response to injury or disease, or it may be due to rheumatoid arthritis or another inflammatory disorder. You will usually feel some pain with inflammation. Factors that can contribute to inflammation in the legSep 07, 2011 Dear members, I am so glad to have found this wonderful resource. I need some advice on this vexing problem. My right leg is swollen all the way from top to bottom. It is also much heavier than my left leg. It's been this way for three days. My left leg is not swollen. Ive had a doppler done on Friday which was negative. swelling one leg only

Oct 21, 2019 What Causes Left Leg Swelling? In many cases, the swelling of the legs happens evenly, without one leg looking larger than the other. But sometimes one leg will swell while the other stays relatively normal. Common causes are water retention or inflammation, arthritis, some sort of injury that affects only one leg, or issues with a blood clot.

Swelling in one leg: Introduction. Swelling in one leg: Swelling in one leg refers to puffiness or enlargement of one leg. See detailed information below for a list of 7 causes of Swelling in one leg, Symptom Checker, including diseases and drug side effect causes. Review Causes of Swelling in one leg: Causes Symptom Checker Leg Swelling (Edema), New Onset. The reasons for swelling in just one leg are not the same as the causes of swelling in both legs. Do you have swelling of just one foot, ankle, andor leg? (Also answer yes if one side is much more swollen than the other side. ) Yes, the swelling is swelling one leg only Oct 15, 2019 Water retention is one of the most common causes of swollen legs, but it usually causes both legs to swell. Sometimes there may be slightly unequal swelling, with one leg being noticeably bigger than the other. When that happens, a person may think that only one of his legs is swollen because it looks that way to the naked eye.

The swelling is accompanied by a fever; Also seek immediate medical care if you're pregnant and develop: Sudden foot swelling; A noticeable change in foot swelling; Swelling in only one foot or leg; Sudden swelling along with other new signs or symptoms such as severe headache, vision changes, upper abdominal pain, nausea or vomiting, or swelling one leg only

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