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2020-01-25 15:12

Mar 30, 2019  Planning a thruhike of the Continental Divide Trail? The CDT is an underrated gem of a trail. Theres a lot I think you should know, so for this first part, Ill talk about timeline, navigation, alternates, information sources, and water.For the longdistance hiking community, the CDT is onethird of the Triple Crown, and annually, several hundred people attempt to thruhike the CDT, walking its entire length in cdt thru hike planning

CDT Mailing Labels Based on research by CDT Thru hiker Robert Sly Sylvester, the CDT Mailing Label Page provides an easy way to create mailing labels for many of the locations along the Continental Divide Trail. The mailing labels are ideal for sending food, maps, guidebooks, gear, and bounce boxes to most locations along the trail.

Below I have pulled together all the summary stats I think a person planning a thruhike of the CDT might appreciate. Even if you are not planning to thruhike, some of the advice I offer below should be useful to the section hiker as well. If there is something that you are curious about that I have left out, please leave a comment below. May 16, 2019  The CDT is a long, high, and remote trail which means there is little room for errors when packing and planning. A laundrylist of concerns like grizzly bears, snow and ice, and limited water supply is something every CDT hiker must take into account. This is why the CDT cdt thru hike planning Maps, guidebooks and other resources:  You can find a wide range of planning essentials on the  CDTC thruhike planning page. Its a smart idea to consult multiple map providers, guidebooks and other resources, too, because the route of the CDT is evolving each year and its so much more variable than other thru trails.

The Continental Divide Trail Coalition (CDTC) is an excellent source for planning a thruhike or even a section hike along the Divide. New in 2015 they are offering a shuttle service to the Southern Terminus along the Mexican border. cdt thru hike planning Dec 17, 2013  A Quick and Dirty CDT Guide Posted on December 17, 2013 October 1, 2019 Author Paul Mags 33 Comments The Continental Divide Trail is the last of the Big Three trails that most thruhikers tackle as part of the Triple Crown of longdistance hiking. Mar 04, 2019 As part of the Continental Divide Trail Survey I ask CDT hikers what they would do differently, given the chance to do it all again, and what advice they have for future CDT hikers. I share this information in the hopes of giving an idea of what mistakes people typically make pre, during, or postCDT so that future generations may avoid the errors of the past.

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