Rectoverb 25 vs 50

2020-01-23 10:37

Aug 15, 2003 Rectoverb 50 Combo Vs F50? Share. Share with: Link: Copy link. 2 posts Rectoverb 50 Combo Vs F50? zerolight. 2. Mesa Newbie. zerolight. 2. Also out of interest, how do the tones on the various channels compare? I have someone wanting to swap a 2 month old F50 for my 2 year old Rectoverb. Maverick. 8.Everything has been said about it, it's all 50 watt lamps, with a complete connection. 2 channels with 2 modes for the first and the second for 3 modes (for rectoverb series 2). Each channel has its own settings for gain, a 3band EQ (very effective), a presence control, reverb '(which I find quite nice, like what the tastes and colors ), a master volume. rectoverb 25 vs 50

Jun 17, 2018 Musical styles might make a differenceif you're doing metal, the 25 is probably close but the 50 has a meaner tone. I play more 80's style hard rock (hair metal? ) and the 25 is great for that.

Apr 15, 2017 So I want to upgrade to either the Express 5: 25 1x12 or the newer Rectoverb 25 1x12. I love the idea that the rectoverb is switchable from 25w to 10w as apposed to 25 to 5 on the express. I also like the look of the rectoverb better and I imagine the reverb is better. Brand new, the recto is actually cheaper 1249 I think). Apr 15, 2017 You guys that are comparing it to a 45 watt Nomad and a 100 watt Dual Rec realize the Mesa Boogie Rectoverb 25 head is a 25 watt head that is switchable down to 10 watts. Of course it will sound a bit better when loud but with a very functional Master Volume, it is very easy to get great tones at bedroom volumes on the 10 or 25 watt setting. rectoverb 25 vs 50 RectoVerbs offer lush tube Reverb, widening the sound and sweetening the attack just a bit. The classic woodvinyl Combo package also allows players to custom dress their cabinet. The RectoVerb 25 pairs classic Recto family voices with the bouncy, dynamic Tone and feel of

Feb 02, 2015 So after the initial hiccup of getting my new Mesa Boogie Rectoverb 25 head& matching 1 x 12 cabinet with a bad EL84 and the troubleshooting and eventual fix of new EL84s from Sweetwater I had the weekend to tinker with it and figured I'd post some thoughts for anyone else considering one. rectoverb 25 vs 50 Dec 05, 2013 RJ Soldani of Supersonic Music demonstrates the brandnew MesaBoogie Rectoverb 25 1x12 combo amp. Available now from Supersonic Music. Wanna own 'em? Drive to Topeka Kansas or check in with us at I have been looking for a good amp for getting an extreme metal but also chuggy tone. Bands like Strapping Young Lad, Meshuggah, ect. I have a blackst May 05, 2015 New Mesa Rectoverb 25 vs. old Rectoverb 50 Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs' started by ToneCaptain, Apr 3, 2015. Apr 3 I am leaning towards the original rectoverb 50 because I favour the additional headroom of the 2 6L6 vs 2 el84. I would be getting the head version. I have both. well a rectoverb 50 combo and the rectoverb 25 head. I Jan 10, 2012  Even in this golden age of amplifiers, effects, and guitars, sometimes you get the sense a piece of gear is destined to become a classic. The MesaBoogie Dual Rectifier, with its brilliant compact design and wealth of delicious tones, might just be one of them. Boogies can divide players opinions

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