Does god speak to satan

2020-01-23 11:54

Jul 26, 2019 Question: Does Satan still have access to Heaven? Why does God allow Satan to enter Heaven, as recorded in the Bible? Answer: Satan was originally one of God's holy angels, but he rebelled against God and was cast out of heaven (Luke 10: 18). That was only the first stage of his judgment.Jun 11, 2009  Furthermore, it is crucial to note that if we open the door to Satan by failing to put on the full armor of God, he does, as it were, sit on our shoulders and whisper into our ears. The whisper cannot be discerned with the physical ear; it can, however, penetrate the ear of the mind. does god speak to satan

Jul 26, 2019 Does God get mad if I miss work because I stayed up too late the night before? We all have notions about the truth, but how do we know for sure that these ideas are coming from God? Am I hearing God? Or am I only hearing myself? Worse yet, am I hearing the temptations of Satan disguised as the leading of the Holy Spirit?

Oct 04, 2016  God is sovereign over Satan. The devil does not have a free hand in this world. He is on a leash, so that he can do no more than God permits. In effect, he must get permission as in the case of Simon Peter, where Jesus discloses, Simon, Simon, behold, Satan has asked to have you, that he might sift you like wheat (Luke 22: 31). Then Satan answered the LORD, and said, Does Job fear GOD for no reason? [The devil began talking to GOD again, more than most professing Christians talk to GOD. If the LORD hears the devil and talks with him, whats wrong with you? Satan said, YOU have blessed Job and put a hedge around everything that he has on every side. does god speak to satan Feb 09, 2009 How Does Satan 'Speak' to Us? However, praying and staying in God's word even crying out to God for help is what we have to do. The word also says resist the devil and He will flee from you. Remember Ephesians6 put on your armour. But, I must say Jesus is faithful to His word. The word works.

How much access to heaven does Satan have? Why does God allow Satan to enter heaven at times? The Bible speaks of Satan's rebellion against God (Ezekiel 28; Isaiah 14) and Jesus said He saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven (Luke 10: 18). does god speak to satan May 03, 2015 My conviction is that God keeps me, and I am not afraid that Satan will pluck me out of God's hand (John 10: 28). I am definitely not afraid that Satan will pluck me away from God through my own personal Bible reading. God says He's not going to lose me, and He's left the Holy Spirit within me as the deposit to ensure that outcome (Eph. 1: 14). In (Zech 3: 12), Satan is said to be accusing Joshua as he stood before the angel of the Lord. In (Jude 1: 9), Satan disputed with the archangel Michael about the body of Moses. If anyone reading this finds some I have missed, please let me know. Apr 19, 2007 Lucifer, Father of Lies, Accuser, Tempter, Thief: What the Bible Says about Satan. By Betty Miller. Lest Satan should get an advantage of us: for we are not ignorant of his devices. 2 Corinthians 2: 11. Pastors Bud& Betty Miller on Satan Who is Satan? Before we discuss some of the devices of Satan, we first need to know who he is. How can I know if I am hearing God, hearing Satan, or just talking to myself? In the still and quiet, you hear a voice. No, it's not Jiminy Cricket. It could be your own voice, talking to yourself. Or is it Satan tempting you with desires? Or is God calling, waiting for you to pick up the phone?

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