Ltd ec 401 vs ec 1000

2020-01-20 17:16

Jun 07, 2010 Jason Gile from ESP helps us compare 3 different ESP guitars at different price points including the Ltd EC401, the EC1000 and the latest Custom model the EclipseI CTM. Check out these pagesApr 10, 2018 401 is indo made and the 1000 is korea i think. both have 24 frets, (unless you get a ec401vh) I think the 1000 series has esp locking tuners or something similar and is just generally a better built guitar. 401 vh full thickness 1000 belly cut and im not sure about the 401 ltd ec 401 vs ec 1000

So I was looking at the esp ltd ec1000 and the schecter hellraiser solo 6 And I decided on the ec100. then I started looking closer and found that th

Dec 17, 2011 This video is a guitar comparison between the Epiphone Les Paul 1960, PRS SE 245, and ESP LTD EC401. These are some of our most popular set neck, single cut style guitars and range in price from ESP's EC range of guitars has become very popular among players looking for a modernised, metalfriendly Les Paul style spec. With a price difference of just under 200, the EC401 and EC1000 (Deluxe) are not aimed at guitarists on vastly different budgets. ltd ec 401 vs ec 1000 Jan 13, 2014  You'd better get ec1000 without abalone, there are some, vintage black for example, or used archtop ec400 if yo can find it I had an archtop 400, that was made in Korea (just as all the deluxe series) and I didn't have chance to try the 401 which is essentially the

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