Best handheld console ever

2020-01-19 13:20

Sep 26, 2019  What is the best handheld console ever? Though the majority of the bigbudget, tripleA games launch on home console or PC, over the years there have been aOct 15, 2019 Best Handheld: Nintendo 3DS XL. It can play local and online multiplayer, so you and other 3DS owners around the world or in the neighborhood can play games such as Super Smash Bros and Mario Kart 7. The Nintendo 3DS XL measures 1. 5 x 7. 1 x 5. 1 inches, weighs 1. 1 pounds and comes in a variety of unique colors. best handheld console ever

Nov 26, 2017 With four portable video game consoles on its roster, Nintendo is dominating the handheld space. Previously, Sony sold a portable PlayStation console, dubbed the PlayStation Vita, but the console has recently been discontinued. Here are all the best handheld game consoles that are worth considering to keep you entertained on the go.

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