Last minute resistance lmr

2020-01-17 13:13

Oct 09, 2015  How To Deal With Last Minute Resistance: I want to start with a story that happened with me pretty recently. I was out at a club in New York and I ran into this girl on the way to the bathroom. We instantly hit off and I could tell this would be an easy close.The resistant behavior of women emotive circuit that elicits right before firsttime sex is called lastminute resistance Every woman has hardwired into her head a behavioral circuit that works to protect her from getting pregnant by a man who has no intention of sticking around to help raise the child. The resistant behavior this emotive circuit elicits right before firsttime sex is last minute resistance lmr

Last minute resistance (LMR) is the resistance girls put up right before you have sex. She might say No I cant do this or No its too early. She might take your hand away when you go for her pussy, or she might not let you take her pants off.

Sep 27, 2010  Thats Advanced AntiLast Minute Resistance Tactics, by the book! Posted in Gareth Jones, Pick Up Tactics, Sex Tagged AntiSlut Defense, Cold AntiLMR, Freeze Out Technique, Hot AntiLMR, Last Minute Resistance, PreEmptive AntiLMR permalink Her Last Minute Resistance can range from zero LMR (she doesnt even bother to pretend), to token LMR (minimal, transparent resistance thats easily overcome), to full on 10 on 10 hardcore LMR (you will have to use every technique in the book to bust through it). last minute resistance lmr Just before you have sex with a girl for the first time, sometimes you'll encounter what Mystery calls Last Minute Resistance. Also known as LMR in the pickup community. There's a way to preempt this so it won't even come up. And if it does come up, there's a smart way to handle it so

What is the abbreviation for Last Minute Resistance? What does LMR stand for? LMR abbreviation stands for Last Minute Resistance. Search for acronym meaning, ways to abbreviate, and lists of acronyms and abbreviations. Last Searched Popular Acronyms Popular Lists last minute resistance lmr Dec 11, 2012 Scotty ends up with NONE. EVER. so to avoid LMR, touch them early and often and you won't end up with girls that get confuseduptight when you are pulling the trigger Chris and Scotty Discuss Last Minute Resistance Last Minute Resistance Part 2 And how to handle last minute resistance (LMR) The point of including this in a report is to show you not just how to deal with last minute resistance, but also how to avoid it entirely, since this resistance is most often a case of you either not screening properly or not handling things properly, Last minute resistance is a concept that can be considered a myth because it is still widely misunderstood. Girls fall into 3 groups: hard no, onthefence, yes A hard no is a hard no. PUA fanboys often get in trouble with this group by trying to force a hard no into becoming a yes. Last Minute Resistance All guys will experience LMR at some point often with many different girls. Often these moments of LMR occur when things are heating up towards sex, such as when you attempt to remove clothes, or attempt any sexual moves beyond kissing.

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