Xeroform petrolatum gauze uses

2020-01-20 14:16

Apr 07, 2017 What is Xeroform Sterile Petrolatum Gauze Dressing? Xeroform is a sterile wound dressing that is nonadherent, which means it won't stick to the wound so dressing changes are less painful and trauma to the wound is minimized. Xeroform is also an occlusive dressing which means the dressing prevents air from reaching the wound.Mar 20, 2014 Xeroform gauze is a type of medical dressing and has ingredients finely wovens mesh medical gauze infused with a blend of petrolatum and 3 Bismuth Tribromophenate. It is used for open wounds such as lacerations, burns, new circumcisions, today is used for breast cancer after the surgery, and surgical incisions and skin grafts. xeroform petrolatum gauze uses

Use Xeroform Gauze Wound Dressing with Petrolatum to cover and protect low to nonexudating wounds. These wounds include donor sites, lacerations, burns, abrasions, and skin graft sites. The nonadherent design is excellent for maintaining a moist wound environment, while promoting healing.

May 21, 2018 Xeroform petrolatum dressing is a gauze dressing impregnated with 3 Bismuth Tribromophenate and petrolatum. Petrolatum creates a waxy coating that makes the dressing occlusive and nonadherent to provide a moist wound environment. Xeroform petrolatum gauze can be used for minimally draining wounds, postoperative wounds, surgical incisions Xeroform petrolatum dressing is made up of a petrolatum blend on fine mesh gauze. It is nonadherent, so it wont stick to the wound site and cause trauma to the area when removed. However, it will cling and conform to body contours. Xeroform gauze is sterile and comes in multiple sizes. xeroform petrolatum gauze uses

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