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Sep 09, 1997 Watch Nelly's Folly from Merrie Melodies on Video Previous Cartoon Next Cartoon. Nelly's Folly Take a look and see what others have said about Nelly's Folly. We want to know what you think, too! ! Looney Tunes (Warner Bros. , 1930 ) Merrie Melodies (Warner Bros. , )Looney Tunes Platinum Collection: Volume 3 is a Bluray and DVD release containing 50 shorts on 2 discs with special features. It was released for Bluray on August 12, 2014, and was released for DVD on November 4, 2014. According to Jerry Beck on the Stu's Show from early, he said it will probably be the last volume of the series due to the low sales of the second volume in 2012 and nelly folly looney tunes

Nelly's Folly is a Merrie Melodies cartoon short, released in 1961, which was written and directed by Chuck Jones. A singing giraffe leaves the jungle to pursue a singing career, but finds herself lonely and out of work following an affair.

Love Looney Tunes? We'll go through the top 100 greatest Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies to ever be churned out by Termite Terrace. Be sure to check it out, new entries every week! # 82 Nelly's Folly Title Nelly's Folly. Director Chuck Jones. Released 1961. Nelly's Folly is a 1961 Warner Brothers Looney Tunes (actually, Merrie Melodies) cartoon directed by Chuck Jones. . Nelly is a giraffe somewhere in Africa, with a beautiful singing voice that she likes to show off for the local wildlife. She is discovered by a hunter who also happens to be a Broadway agent. nelly folly looney tunes Feb 12, 1961 Watch Looney Tunes Season 48, Episode 243 Nelly's Folly: A talent agent on an African safari discovers Nelly, a singing giraffe, and brings her to America to be a famous perform

Watch this Looney Tunes video, Merrie Melodies Nelly's Folly (1961), on Fanpop and browse other Looney Tunes videos. nelly folly looney tunes Watch Looney Tunes Platinum Collection (1955 ) full episodes online Synopsis: Looney Tunes Platinum Collection is an annual set of Bluray Disc box sets with three discs and twodisc DVDs. Disc 3 contains special features and is exclusive to the Bluray set. Each release for both formats contains 50 Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies animated shorts. Dec 30, 1961  Directed by Chuck Jones, Abe Levitow, Maurice Noble. With Mel Blanc, Gloria Wood, Ed Prentiss. Nelly the singing giraffe begins a singing career, Nelly is a giraffe who appeared in the short Nelly's Folly created by Chuck Jones and voiced by Gloria Wood. . History. Nelly was discovered singing for her animal friends in Africa by a talent agent. She became famous, until she had a scandalous affair with a married giraffe at a zoo. May 12, 2017 Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Looney Tunes Musical Masterpieces at Amazon. com. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users.

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