Vox tonelab 2 pedal

2020-01-26 21:31

The original Vox Tonelab was a desktop guitar multieffects processor based on the preamp circuitry of the Vox AD60VT and AD120VT. The first generation Tonelab included a single SPDIF digital output jack for recording and a pair of stereo analog outputs for connection to a guitar amplifier.VOX Valvetronix products are renowned for their realistic amp sounds. The Valve Reactor circuitry uses a real 12AX7 vacuum tube to create that truetube tone. With new performance elements added especially for live use, the ToneLab EX is the latest VOX multieffect pedal to vox tonelab 2 pedal

Up for auction is the much sought after Vox Tonelab Le multi effects pedal board, w Gator Bag (40 value) for easy transport. This thing has been nothing short of amazing for me, but I am no longer in my band and in the process of thinning some gear out of my studio.

Mar 26, 2011 After a quick tastetest of some of the various preset patches on the VOX ToneLab LE, Owen takes a look at the individual effects modules to demonstrate just how easy finetuning those patches can be. In a compact, easytouse format, ToneLab ST delivers classic vintage sounds, studioquality and highgain amps, even new amp models created by VOX. Effect parameters can be quickly assigned to the expression pedal, ensuring a limitless range of performance power. vox tonelab 2 pedal VOX ToneLab EX Guitar Rack MultiEffects Pedal Tubedriven multimodeling pedal, great for live! With more effects and more presets than ever before, ToneLab EX is the latest VOX multieffect pedal to inherit the realistic amps sounds of the renowned Valvetronix series.

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