Robina snake of robinson alive

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Nov 13, 2018 Released in time for Halloween, the ad poked fun at the decadesold urban legend that taipan John Gokongwei's daughter, Robina GokongweiPe, had a twin snake lurking inside the mall, preying on beautiful women inside fitting rooms. It starred actress Alice Dixson, who according to the story, was attacked by the snake inside the mall.That creature was said to be a half snake, half human. And is the twin brother of Robina Gokongwei, daughter of Robinsons' founder, John Gokongwei Jr. There are claims that every time that half man, half snake is hungry, he will pick one unlucky, beautiful girl that is using the mall's dressing room. robina snake of robinson alive

Oct 25, 2012  The unverified and undated video, with 438, 224 views as of this storys posting, is entitled Robinsons snake is dead. It shows a snake supposedly with a humanoid head complete with blonde hair. The video title refers to an old urban legend of a snake in Robinsons Galleria. There are other videos on YouTube also referring to the legend.

Oct 19, 2007  The basement of Robinson's Galleria, a thenupscale mall located along EDSA, Ortigas, was said to be the dwelling place of Robina Gokongwei's giant halfsnake, halfman twin. Some versions of the rumor say that the snake suddenly appears at Nov 12, 2011  grabe totoo pala tong halimaw na to, PERUVIAN AMAZON DAY 13; THE MOST EXOTIC MARKET IN THE WORLD! Dv Kaufman Duration: 13: 05. Dv Kaufman Vlogs Recommended for you robina snake of robinson alive It is really true. this snake has twin but not Robina niether Lance Gokongwei. but he was born with twin brother in Tubod, Lanao del Norte on July 19, 1970. He was brought by the Comadrona(trained midwife) to Cebu City and sold it to Robinson Cebu without the knowledge of the parents of the said creature.

According to legend, the famous FilipinoChinese tycoon and family was Mr. John Gokongwei, owner of Robinsons and Universal Robina Corporation. He was the rumored father of this creature. The twin sister of the snake man was Robina Gokongwei, the daughter of John Gokongwei. robina snake of robinson alive Robinsons Snake Legend Surfaced (Video) The famous legends of the Robinson snake have several versions, some of them stated that the snake was supposedly Robinsons tycoon John Gokongweis son and twin brother of Robina GokongweiPe. The other version was the snake was a female and laid golden eggs which was the source Oct 31, 2018  IMAGE. In case you've never heard of it, (which is almost impossible, as it's one of the most popular and ridiculous urban legends in the country), it's been rumored that Robina GokongweiPe has a snake for a twin brother, and that he preys on women in the ladies fitting rooms of the Robinsons Galleria department store. Dec 21, 2012 Read The Robinson's HalfHuman HalfSnake from the story Urban Legends by Legendaire with 39, 095 reads. legends, horror, mystery. The belief of a snake twin is Jan 23, 2008 It was the twin of Robina owner of Robinsons. to keep the business lucky they have to continue feeding him with human girls they have something in the bathroom that will automatically drag to another room wc would go directly to the half human half snake. A popular actress was even paid for her silence for she was almost victimized by it

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