Strifecro mech mage fel reaver

2020-01-18 23:52

In conclusion, yes, mech mage is an easy deck to play, but that does not make it a bad part of the meta. It's just something you have to be expecting. Rollback Post to Revision RollBackIt's definitely possible to pull a Fel Reaver to the elites outside of Thrallmar as of patch. I stood at 59, 42 (on the road near the caravan) and waited until one pathed by. I aggroed it with a low level spell and ran to the elites. The Fel Reaver killed me, but the elites strifecro mech mage fel reaver

I'm thinking about craft Fel Reaver x2. Is it suitable for mech mage. Discard 3 cards quite terrible

Nov 14, 2015  17: 25 vs Rhylis (Mage) 24: 34 vs Sylar (Warlock) For the uninitiated, the score on the top left reflects StrifeCros winloss for todays featured deck for this month so far. Sep 11, 2015 Still gettin' it without FELREAVER haha! Interesting deck doesn't run secrets or FelReavers: o! Definitely a different take for a mech mage XD! TY 4 WATCHI strifecro mech mage fel reaver Strifecros Tempo Mage HCT Americas Summer Playoffs 2018 Format: Raven Style: Tournament Season: 50 Archetype: Tempo Mage Player: StrifeCro mage

Jan 20, 2016 Hearthstone Database, Deck Builder, News, and more! That is the ultimate mech mage. A frakin goblin fiesta themed mage. strifecro mech mage fel reaver

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