How to get will-o-wisp oblivion

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Mar 20, 2007  Use a axe to kill willothewisp But u need to take the glow dust from him if u dont he will come back User Info: brandondoyle brandondoyle 9 years ago 1 0 Any magical weapon (even if it hasAccepted Answer You can't attack a will o wisp with a normal weapon. You need a silver, enchanted, or daedric weapon to kill it. Or you can use magic. how to get will-o-wisp oblivion

Sep 28, 2015 Step 1: Get Azura's Star Step 2: Get into the Arcane University Step 3: Enchant a weapon with one second of soul trap and then max damage (I usually use lightning) Step 4: Run through the game recharging a ridiculously powered weapon every 20 swings with unlimited souls to recharge.

Use a silver or magic weapon (I doubt you have offensive magic judging by your race and level). Bring potions aplenty and whack away at it taking periodic breaks to heal. WillOtheWisps are admittedly one of the toughest enemies in the game. The can dish out a lot of pain and it's very difficult to damage them even with the most powerful magic. Sep 10, 2007  Wander around the swamp for a bit; they're easier to spot at night. User Info: cardshark1. cardshark1 7 years ago 0 0. You can buy Glow dust at an alchemy shop. Go from place to place until you find it. There is also a sample downstairs in the Bruma Mages Guild (need to be a how to get will-o-wisp oblivion I'm doing the fighter's guild quest where you have to fight three will o wisps outside of a cave. I am using a magical weapon, but i hacked on these things for almost ten mins straight and could not get

Mar 28, 2006 re: How do get the gold dust from the will o wisp? I tried punching it, ended up running for my life, but luckly there were some people near by and they killed it for me so if your getting beaten how to get will-o-wisp oblivion Nov 03, 2011 To get a WillotheWisp companion, go to Shadleaf Copse to the Northeast of Skingrad. Three recruitable respawning WillotheWisps hang around there. You can click on them to open message boxes with commands.

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