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Stats. Thumper played by Trina Parks. Starred In Diamonds Are Forever (1971) Profile. Part of a duo alongside Bambi, Bond encounters these duo at Willard Whytes house in Las Vegas. . Acting as Whytes captors, Bambi and Thumper use their athletic and gymnastic skills in a tagteam fashion to beatup Bond.Bambi and Thumper posted in Sean Connery Does anyone else wish these had been the actual, principal goons from DAF (or even a decent Bond movie)? I cannot stand the played for laughs Kidd and Wint, neither threatening but never likable in a charming way. Kidd and Wint were more about annoying, crude jokes. Bambi and Thumper were both physically threatening, visually bambi and thumper bond

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Of course this is all part of an easily identifiable James Bond plot, whose stories always abound with action and swarm with easilymakeable women. But Trina, or Thumper is not among Bond's conquests. She doesn't appear in a major portion of the film but she does figure in the action, sound and fury which dominates most movies starring Agent 007. Nov 01, 2015  Bambi and Thumper are the seminaked bodyguards barring Bonds way to their boss, the villain Willard Whyte. Is there anything I can do for you? asks Thumper, the first black, female bambi and thumper bond Jun 26, 2015 Bambi and Thumper work for the unscrupulous casino manager Bert Saxby and less directly Ernst Stavro Blofeld. They guard millionaire recluse Willard Whyte, keeping him a prisoner in his desert home. When James Bond arrives, Bambi and Thumper greet him with mocking insouciance and seductive warmth. It is all just a ploy to get Bond in a position

List of All James Bond Girls Part 2. Summary. Thumper and Bambi attack Bond, kicking him and using their martial art skills to overcome him. Bond was at a loss, the two girls too nimble for him. However, Thumper and Bambi then throw Bond into a pool, and they lose their advantage, Bond managing to push their heads underwater until they bambi and thumper bond The only reason Bambi and Thumper have only made it as far as the honourable mention rather than into the top 10 is due to how easily Bond gets the upper hand over them both when they jump into Bond connection: When James Bond enters the house where Mr. Whyte is supposed to be staying at, he's greeted by these two women, Bambi and Thumper, who quickly attack him using various athletic jumps and kicks. James Bond is even choked by Bambi's thighs, but soon gets out from that predicament, only to be thrown into an outdoor pool. Jun 07, 2016 Now You Can Buy The Glorious James Bond House from 'Diamonds Are Forever' famous scenes in Bond history, when Sean Connery is confronted by badass Bond Girls named Bambi and Thumper in the Bond first releases Thumper, and she desperately uses her last breath to swim to the poolside while Bond continues to hold Bambi under. Thumper knows that her partner needs air so she complies by pointing to the shed below where Whyte is being held. Then Bond releases his hold on Bambi, who desperately swims to the side.

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